Our Mission

United Wesleyan exists to worship God, to build up His body, the church, and to evangelize and minister to the world.

Our Vision

We dream of a community of people who are:

  • Becoming whole through a relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Sharing joy in Christ with others and influencing them to pursue Him

  • Leading by valuing, serving, and mentoring others.

Our Core Values

  • Found People Find People: When we discover something that changes our life, we naturally want to share it with others.

  • Saved People Serve People: In order to serve effectively, we must see as Jesus sees and respond as Jesus leads.

  • Growing People Change: Following Jesus leads to growth, and growth leads to change.

  • We Cannot Do Life Alone: In the Bible, whenever someone walked away from the people of God, they eventually walk away from God as well.

  • We Cannot Outgive God: If Jesus is not first in our finances, how can He be the Lord of our life?